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Personal checks are sometimes the preferred method of payment in some instances such as rent or other miscellaneous expenses, so your student will need to open a checking account. Chances are this will be at a different bank than yours, which can be very inconvenient when you need to deposit money into your student's account. Your student can simplify their banking with the OneAccount from Higher One.

  • Get a free traditional checking account that is FDIC insured.
  • Bank with no monthly fees and no minimum balance required.
  • Make deposits easily with electronic fund transfers from any other bank account.
  • Bank online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Track deposits, checks and debit purchases easily with the detailed online statement.
  • Order checks online at

Same Day Deposit to a Higher One Checking Account
The KSU Debit Card provides a choice of methods to receive Financial Aid or university refunds, including the "Same Day Deposit to a Higher One Checking Account" method. With this option, money is deposited directly into your Higher One Account just as soon as Kennesaw State University releases it. It is by far the fastest and easiest way for your student to gain access to your funds.

Occasionally, students may have questions about using their OneAccount. The answers to many of these questions are available online with "EasyHelp." EasyHelp is an interactive "Frequently Asked Questions" system that enables cardholders to quickly and easily find answers to questions relating to the use of the KSU Debit Card and the OneAccount. EasyHelp is available anytime online and provides immediate answers to the most frequent program questions. Even answers to some "not-so-frequently" asked questions. It's not just for the students, either. Parents can use EasyHelp as well, anytime, by logging on to, then selecting the "EasyHelp" link.

Simplify Life With Recurring Payments for Cell Phone & Other Bills
With the OneAccount and the KSU Debit Card, the student can pre-authorize automatic deduction of recurring payments such as cell phone bills, cable TV, utility bills and more. With recurring bill payments, the student budgets the money to make the payments, but somebody else makes sure they're paid every month - and on time! Recurring payments save time and money because there are no stamps to buy, and no time wasted stuffing and addressing envelopes. Your student will find a convenient list of companies that accept Debit MasterCard® payments when they login to their OneAccount, and from the main menu bar select "OneAccount," then "Spend," then look for "Recurring Payments."

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